Faculty FrontDoor

Dr. Kamran Qadri

Associate Faculty Member
Title V, Faculty Fellow
Board Member, Valencia Foundation

Dr. Kamran Qadri is teaching Technology for Educators, Health, Safety, and Nutrition, and New Student Experience this semester at the East Campus. He is also working as a Faculty Fellow for the Title V grant helping to develop a mentoring program for students, more directly, the Teacher Education Program students. Dr. K. Qadri has over a decade of teaching and administrative experience in public and private schools which allows him to share with his students the connection between the theoretical aspects of education and the practical aspects. He holds professional teacher certification and Educational Leadership Certification in the states of Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Dr. K. Qadri has a bachelors degree in Science Education and a masters and doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida. Dr. K. Qadri is also on the Valencia Foundation Board and is excited for the upcoming semester.

Email: sqadri3@valenciacollege.edu

Office: Other