Sarah Shoulak

PT Professor of Speech

Graduated from both University of Colorado (Denver) and University of Miami (FL)

Classes I teach: Fundamentals of Speech and Interpersonal Communication

Member of the Poinciana Art Committee

Things that make me happy: (other than my students, of course...) art, traveling, spending time with friends and family - especially my Partner, my wonderful step-littles, learning, the Green Bay Packers, binge-watching good shows, coffee, NPR, and karaoke.

In my classes, you should find you have all the tools you need to succeed. I do my best to prepare students for presentations, which are typically a major component of your class grade. You can expect a mix of instruction including, but not limited to, lecture, class discussion and group work.

Students are expected to come to class prepared by completing homework or outlines, reading the book, and bringing a desire to work hard. Students will find this class to be challenging, but the hard work will bring a greater satisfaction to your accomplishments.


By Request; email me so we can set something up!