Dr. Terry Allcorn

Dean of Business and Hospitality
Valencia College, West Campus

Adjunct Spanish Instructor
Valencia College, Osceola Campus

My undergraduate studies were at Kentucky Christian University in Grayson, Kentucky. Since then, I have also earned degrees from Rio Grande Language Institute (Spanish Certificate), Ashland Theological Seminary (MA), Cleveland State University (MA), and Capella University (PhD).

My wife and I were born and raised in Ohio, but in different ends of the state. We, and our four children, have called Central Florida home since 2002. Prior to my involvement in higher education, we had the pleasure of living in Puerto Rico and traveling to several Spanish-speaking countries.

I have been professionally involved in higher education since 1994, as Professor and Chair of General Education at St. Louis Christian College, as an Administrator at Florida Christian College in Kissimmee, and as Dean of Business and Hospitality at Valencia. I have also been an adjunct Spanish instructor at Cleveland State University (as a TA), at St. Charles Community College, and at Valencia College since 2002.

Much of my day is built around the three tasks of talking with people, writing things down, and reading what others have written. When I do those three tasks well, I often make informed decisions and provide good leadership for my teams. When I don't, I often get to circle back on decisions and apologize for displaying poor leadership to my teams.


West Campus


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