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Faculty FrontDoor

Dr. Timothy Barnett

Professor of Chemistry

Hailing from the frigid Northeast of Buffalo, New York, I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Medicinal Chemistry in 1997 and my Bachelor’s of Science degree Pharmacy from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1999. After doing some graduate research in chemistry, I furthered my education by earning my Doctorate in Pharmacy degree in 2002 from Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. I also obtained my M.A. degree in Science Education from University of Central Florida.

Following pharmacy school, I obtained pharmacist licensure in many states such as New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Florida. After licensure and while in Buffalo, I worked as a supervising pharmacist for Tops and Eckerd Pharmacy. On a part-time basis, I took a job at Erie Community College teaching organic chemistry and this opportunity to educate changed my life...

My wife, Diana, and I met while we were in college at the very pharmacy where I began my journey into healthcare. She obtained her degree in mathematics and became a high school math teacher. We married on a chilly autumn evening in 2001. Soon after, our household was joined by Charlie, our crazy and lovable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Fleeing the snow, my wife, Charlie, and I moved for Florida only two weeks before Hurricane Charley hit Orlando. After recovering from the storm, my wife got a job teaching at Haggerty High School and we purchased a beautiful house in Oviedo.

For six years, I taught at Polk State College in Lakeland. I taught a wide range of courses including Introductory Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Pharmacology for various healthcare-related majors. As of the fall of 2011, I joined the chemistry faculty of Valencia College. Since moving to Florida, I have worked for Walgreens Pharmacy in Orlando on a part-time basis.

On August 23, 2008, my daughter, Zoey Kay, was born! Zoey is smart, sassy, and overly chatty and has brought so much joy to my family.

On my 10-year wedding anniversary, October 27, 2011, my second daughter, Mila Fay, was born! She is a happy and healthy little gal. She was the little sister that Zoey always wanted!

I enjoy running and playing racquetball. I am an avid reader and self-proclaimed music connoisseur. (No Dave Matthew’s Band, please!) In addition, I have an odd and scary addiction to bad horror movies and have the Blu-Ray/ DVD collection to show for it. Horror also afflicts my football season as I am a diehard Buffalo Bills fan.

Phone: 407-582-4974


Office: Osceola Campus

Location: Building 2, Room 238