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Dr. Trig Johnson

Trig Johnson, PhD, MA, MSt

Dr. Trig Johnson is a graduate of Oxford University, the University of Gloucestershire and the University of Virginia.

Multi-disciplinary Teaching Experience:

Dr. Johnson's teaching experience is thorough: he has taught at seven universities/colleges (e.g., Old Dominion, Rollins), held multiple, full-time university lectureships (philosophy, religious studies), and held various humanities-teaching appointments (e.g., University of North Carolina, Asheville).

Philosophy Courses Taught (19):

Introduction to Philosophy
Ethics and Critical Thinking
Ethical Theory
Philosophy and Creativity
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophies of Self
Philosophy of Love
Philosophy of Psychology
Philosophy of Religion
Studies in Philosophy and Religion: Intellectual Atheism
Understanding Socrates
Understanding Plato
Understanding Aristotle
Augustine's Philosophy
Kant's Philosophy
Studies in German Idealism: Hegelian Metaphysics
Introduction to Existentialism
Introduction to Postmodernism

Religion Courses Taught (9):

Introduction to World Religions
History of Christianity
Religion in America
Comparative Religion: Theory and Method
Comparative Religious Epistemology
Comparative Religious Ethics
Comparative Religion: Ideas of Self
Philosophy of Religion
The Psychology of Religious Experience

Humanities Courses Taught (8):

Introduction to Humanities
Introduction to Mythology
Greek and Roman Humanities
Medieval Humanities
Renaissance and Baroque Humanities
Enlightenment and Romanticism Humanities
20th Century Humanities
Exploring Visual Arts: Picasso, Dali and Warhol

Recent Public Presentations (2013-16):

"Mental Models and Modes of Knowing"
"Insight, Creative Problem-Solving and Multi-Disciplinary Thinking"
"On Genius and Ennui"
"On the Virtues of Enlightenment Humanism"
"Philosophy, not Theology"
"The Contemporary Atheism-Theism Impasse: How to Demonstrate Nothing...Coherently"
"The Aesthetics of Color Preference: Recent Empirical Studies"

Liberal Arts Experience (sample):

Live performances with: Grammy Award Winner's Radiohead, Dave Matthews and The B-52's; Grammy Nominee, Suzanne Vega ("Luka”); The Rembrandts ("Friends" TV show song); Jonathan Richman (“There’s Something About Mary” movie); River Phoenix ("Aleka's Attic"), musician and actor; Director, "A Postmodern Hamlet," Oxford University; various performance art pieces and "happenings".

Academic Interests (primary):

Philosophy of mind and self; mental models; ways of knowing; ideas of insight, intuition, imagination and epistemic immediacy; aesthetics (visual and auditory), particularly formalist-compositional ideas of balance, proportion and asymmetry; epistemology and religion; intellectual history, including mathematics and physics; arts and ideas, broadly conceived; interdisciplinary studies; creativity and genius.

General Interests:

All things baseball.


Web Site:

Office: Winter Park Campus