Tori Taylor

Adjunct Faculty, Valencia College East Campus

Hello Everyone and Welcome to Sociology!

My name is Tori Jayne Taylor. I began teaching Sociology a little over eight years ago and I love it. I spent eight years living in North San Diego then seven years ago moved to Orlando. I attended college for four years at California State University, San Marcos in San Marcos, California. While there, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology (2007) and my Master of Arts degree in Sociological Practice in December of 2009.
While studying, I became interested in learning about the needs of seniors and the family, specifically single parenting. I volunteered for the organization, Interfaith Community Services, in Vista, California and gained a greater understanding of how this organization helps seniors in the San Diego community. While there, I learned about the struggles and hurdles seniors face on a daily basis in North San Diego. I worked closely with this organization and focused on developing strategies to help seniors live happier, more productive and independent lives.

As a student in graduate school, I developed my thesis by learning about the struggles of single parenthood, specifically low income single fathers. I interviewed these fathers in order to learn about their specific parenting hurdles and what resources they felt they needed to become successful parents. In this course, we will address many social topics in our society. I look forward to exploring these social topics with you. My goal is to understand your feelings about these issues, how they affect you, and the solutions you feel could make a positive impact upon our community and our society. My goal is your successful completion of this course so please let me know what I can do to help you succeed.

Finally, a bit about my work ethic and how I run my courses. I like to send an email that asks, "How Is It Going?" Please feel free to respond to it. I work diligently to ensure that my students have the best possible chances of achieving the grade they desire. But, it takes hard work, dedication, and desire. When you get my, "How Is It Going" email, please let me know what is working for you in this course, what isn't working, any struggles you might be having, and finally, the successes that you are proud of up to this point. I would love to give a "high five" to you, through email of course! Best of luck!