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Faculty FrontDoor

Zachary Hyde

Department of English

I received both a Bachelor's degree in Literature and a Master's degree in Literary, Cultural, and Textual Studies from the University of Central Florida. My research interests include comics studies and post-postmodernism (particularly metamodernism).

Currently Reading:
Comics Studies: Comics Versus Art -- Bart Beaty

Graphic Novels: From Hell-- Moore & Campbell

Comics: Image: Saga, Paper Girls, LOW, The Black Monday Murders, Glitterbomb, Black Science, Deadly Class, After Death, The Walking Dead, I Hate Fairyland, Injection, Spawn; Marvel: Doctor Strange, Hulk, Gamora, Thanos; DC: Doom Patrol, Shade, The Wild Storm; Dark Horse: Black Hammer; IDW: Archangel; Fantagraphics: Love and Rockets

"Leaps of the imagination are an enormous pleasure, and comics are particularly good at sparking them. Their narrative is one kind of guide; their style is another." -- Douglas Wolk

"[C]artooning gets at, and re-creates on the page, some sixth sense--of space and of being in a body--in a way no other medium can quite so easily, or at least so naturally." -- Chris Ware

"No orthodoxy of 'reading' is without its blind spots." -- Marjorie Garber

Phone: 407-582-2647


Office: East Campus

Location: 1-342

Spring 2017: Beginning 1/9

Monday and Wednesday: 800am-930am and 1130am-145pm

Tuesday and Thursday: 1130am-1230pm

Friday: 930am-1000am (Atlas Email Virtual Hours)

Social Media:

Twitter: @comicsacademic

Academia: Zachary Hyde's Academia Page