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Zachary Hyde

Department of English

I received both a Bachelor's degree in literature and a Master's degree in Literary, Cultural, and Textual Studies from the University of Central Florida. My current research interests focus on genre and film studies.

I have conferenced on the popular culture zombie and on comics studies, and I have published on metamodern subjectivity and on cyberpunk sf. For pedagogical purposes, I use strategies of (post)critique and genre studies, and concepts from film, comics, and literary studies.

"As for ideas, everyone has them. What counts is the poetic singularity of the analysis." -- Jean Baudrillard

"No orthodoxy of 'reading' is without its blind spots." -- Marjorie Garber

Currently Reading:
Forms: Whole, Rhythm, Hierarchy, Network -- Caroline Levine
Sofia Coppola: The Politics of Visual Pleasure -- Anna Backman Rogers
Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film -- Dave Monahan
A History of Narrative Film -- David A. Cook
What is Japanese Cinema? A History -- Inuhik Yomota
Zero K -- Don DeLillo

Currently Playing:
Hearthstone -- Blizzard
Legends of Runeterra -- Riot
Magic: The Gathering (EDH only) -- WotC

Phone: 407-582-2647

Email: zhyde@mail.valenciacollege.edu

Office: East Campus

Location: 1-342

Spring 2020 Beginning 1/6:
Monday: 1130am-3pm (East 1-342)
Tuesday: 600-700pm (Email)
Wednesday: 1130am-3pm (East 1-342)
Thursday: 600-700pm (Email)
Friday: 1000am-1100am (Email)

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