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Course Materials for Addelston, Ph.D., LMFT

General Psychology
This course is designed to provide students with an overview of theory and research in the major areas of psychology: biological, experimental, developmental, social, cognitive, personality, and clinical. This factual and conceptual foundation in psychology will help students understand behavior and apply psychological principles in a variety of settings and to their own lives.

  • Syllabus  (docx)
         26K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • Abnormal Psychology
    Psychological abnormality discussed with reference to symptom patterns, causation and treatment approaches.

  • Syllabus  (docx)
         29K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • Developmental Psychology
    Designed to survey theory and research on development from conception through death. Emphasizes biological and social variables which influence human behavior.

  • Syllabus  (docx)
         40K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • Human Sexuality
    Study of sexuality with emphasis on subjects such as identity and behavior, characteristics of sexual beings and meaning of sexuality. Includes study of sexual health, sexual decision-making and strategies for dealing with conception, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual coercion and exploitation.

  • Syllabus  (docx)
         26K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • Drugs and Addiction
    This course examines the psychological, social, and biological issues involved with substance abuse. Addiction affects not only the drug user, but their family and friends as well. We explore problems associated with abusing substances, and their impact on both the individual and society.

  • Syllabus  (docx)
         29K: < 1 minute @ 56k

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  • Social Psychology Network  (External Link)

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