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Birding Resources on the Web
These links are useful web resources to improve your knowledge of birds and help in their identification.

  • All About Birds  (External Link)

  • American Bird Conservancy  (External Link)

  • American Birding Association  (External Link)

  • American Ornithologist's Union  (External Link)

  • Audubon - National Audubon Society  (External Link)

  • AviBase - The World Bird Database (includes checklists)  (External Link)

  • Backyard Birding  (External Link)

  • BioDiversity Institute (BDI) Field Guide to Birds - Identify Birds Online  (External Link)

  • Bird Anatomy  (External Link)

  • Bird Anatomy & Bird Parts  (External Link)

  • Bird Watching in Lake County, FL  (External Link)

  • Birding in Canada  (External Link)

  • Birding.com - Bird Watching in the USA and Around the World  (External Link)

  • BirdLife International - conserving the world's birds  (External Link)

  • Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology  (External Link)

  • BirdSource - Birding with a Purpose  (External Link)

  • Birdwatching Basics - An Introduction (disponible en espaƱol)  (External Link)

  • Central Florida Great Birding Locations  (External Link)

  • eBird - North America's destination for birding on the Web  (External Link)

  • Florida Bird Sounds  (External Link)

  • Florida Ornithological Society  (External Link)

  • Institute for Bird Populations  (External Link)

  • Learn Bird Songs!  (External Link)

  • Patuxent Wildlife Research Center  (External Link)

  • Visual Resources for Ornithology - The Academy of Natural Sciences  (External Link)

  • WhatBird - Online Field Guide  (External Link)

  • Wings Over Florida Program  (External Link)

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    BSC1050 - Environmental Science Resources
    The following links are useful web resources to help enhance your awareness of various environmental programs, issues, and organizations.

  • Audubon Adopt-a-Bird - Raptor Friends  (External Link)

  • Audubon - National Audubon Society  (External Link)

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