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Announcements for Prof. Sanders

Weekly Quizzes

Timed quizzes will be performed online through ImathAS. Quizzes are meant to strengthen your study skills and test your current knowlege of the subject matter before taking large evaluations such as a test.

Quizzes will be TIMED. There is only ONE (1) opportunity to take each quiz. They will cover recent subject matter and are designed to be completed within 15 min.

Quizzes will be given on a weekly basis. The quiz will be available on Thursday and will remain open to take until 11:59pm Saturday.

It is your responsibility as the student to stay current on the course material and ensure that you prepare for each quiz. This includes being prepared with a pencil and paper (this is a math course!). Pop Quizzes on the other hand will be delivered at my discretion should they be deemed necessary.

Last updated 6/16/2014