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Announcements for Dr. Carpenter

Welcome to Freshman Comp 1

Welcome Welcome to Freshman Composition 1. It is my pleasure to be your facilitator in this online course. I am dedicated to your success. It is my goal to give you the knowledge, skills, practice, and constructive feedback which will strengthen your ability to be critical thinkers and effective writers.

What You Can Expect from Me

• Prompt responses to your questions and emails. • Clear criteria (rubrics) for assessing your essays, discussions, and assignments • Daily monitoring of course website • Thoughtful discussion facilitation (involvement may be limited to encourage discussion with course peers) • Prompt action on technical problems within facilitator’s control, such as broken links, file size, discussion settings, etc. • Respect for participants’ area of expertise, as well as ideas and opinions • Positive feedback and support

What I Expect from You

• Have access to computer equipment necessary to run course delivery platform • Check you Atlas email account • Purchase required materials: 75 Readings Plus and Little Seagull Handbook • Active engagement in all course activities, readings and discussions • Complete all essays and learning activities on time • Provide substantive feedback to peers • Develop/refine materials you can use in your courses • Practice professional ethics • Observe the Rules of Netiquette • Provide feedback • Complete an online evaluation of this course

What Do I Need ?

In addition to computer access with high speed internet, and basic word processing software, you will need to purchase the following textbooks:

• Bullock, Richard and Francine Weinberg. The Little Seagull Handbook. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2014. We will use this handbook as a reference for writing, research, and editing. This handbook has sections on sentence structure, punctuation/mechanics, MLA documentation, and more.

• Buscemi, Santi and Charlotte Smith. 75 Readings Plus. Tenth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2013. This text is our primary resource for essays from a variety of published authors in a variety of styles. As we create each type of essay, we will read published examples of this type of essays. You will analyze these essays for theme, strategy, style, and structure.

Last updated 6/1/2020