Prof. Kirsten Holt

Professor Holt has been teaching at Valencia College since 2013, and will be awarded tenure in 2022. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida in 2013. Professor Holt teaches English Composition, Creative Writing in both Poetry and Fiction, and during the summer semester, her ENC1102 course is themed with Horror Films through History.


Though I received my primary degree in poetry (links to work found below) I have academic interests outside verse. I was initially a physics major with a specialization in astrophysics and astronomy. You'll see some of that interest present in both my writing, and how I help students make sense of their work. I have a vested interest in the study of video games, music videos, memes, comics, and fanfiction as contemporary literature, as in present in my work at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs national conference in Boston 2013, link below. I continue to be active in presenting pedagogical work to the national community.

Outside academia, I read and review contemporary and forthcoming novels in the horror genre. I'm interested in the intersectionality between horror and literature, so if you'd like to discuss how horror is used in movies and tv shows, let's do that in my summer ENC1102 course, where my students learn research and composition through a study of horror films. In addition to all of that, I rock climb, I have a weird cat, and I collect maps.

I look forward to seeing you in my classes and finding a way for you to own and love your education as much as I have.

First Collection of Poetry 2010:

Dissertation of Poetry 2013:

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Video Games as Literature Presentation:


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