Ms. Angela Dean

Biology Professor

I was born and raised in Orlando, FL. I am a honors graduate of Maynard Evans HS. (The Mighty Trojans) I have a BS in Biochemistry, Florida State University. (Go Noles!) I also have a MS in Genetics (Genetic Counseling), Howard University. (Bison! You Know!)

Hobbies: Sewing and Embroidery. Playing games with friends. Playing pool and miniature golf. Bowling and Photography.


West Campus


Upon Request

View on Higher Education: It is in a person’s best interest to gain as much knowledge as possible about the field/area they want their career to be in BEFORE they commit to it. DON'T FORGET TO NETWORK!!!!

Important Announcements

The course will require access to the Campbell site; All homework and test are given online. The book you purchase should come with an access code. If you purchase a used book; online access can be purchased separately. ~price $65 no E-text, $95 with E-text
Last updated 9/7/2016