Brooke Burnett

Adjunct professor of biology

I love sharing my passion for biology and chemistry with students, in the classroom and in the lab! I strive for days filled with "ah-ha!" moments and feel so lucky to observe students thinking like scientists. I am open to advice and I love learning new ways to better reach our students.

I developed my love for education, from the instructor's side, as a teaching assistant. I had a brilliant mentor, Jim Belcher, that taught me how to talk with the students, instead of at them. Creating a sense of community was always on the forefront of Jim's mind, and I witnessed the impact it had on students' ability to be creative and learn. My goal is to create an environment in which students feel safe to ask questions and think critically. A space where everyone feels comfortable to share their ideas and vulnerabilities.

I feel grateful to be able to share my knowledge of the biological world with our future nurses, technicians, doctors, surgeons, teachers, programmers, and everything in between!


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