Dr. Diane Thompson

Professor of Psychological Sciences

I have been at Valencia for over 20 years as Dr. Ashe but was married in Feb. 2017 so will be transitioning to Dr. Thompson over the summer. I am prepared for a great deal of confusion about that so wanted to share that information here.

The first thing you should know is that I love the field of Psychology. It is my hope that students leaving my courses will have an appreciation for the field of psychology and insight into how psychology is evident in their lives. I love teaching at Valencia. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses elsewhere, but Valencia is my happy place. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have a job I love in a place I love.

I currently teach PSY 2012 (General Psychology) and DEP 2004 (Developmental Psychology). My educational background includes a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from East Carolina University and PhD in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. I was a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for 20 years working in a variety of mental health settings including a crisis unit, maximum security prison, Florida Abuse registry and private practice.


West Campus