Esther Coombes

Senior Teaching Fellow

Education and Professional Experience:
I am a graduate of Simmons University in Boston, MA, with a Master’s Degree in Literature. I am also the wife of a retired Marine, so I have taught, literally, from one end of this country to another: from Massachusetts to Hawai’i and Wisconsin to Florida.

Teaching Duties:
As a Senior Teaching Fellow, I teach online courses in ENC 1101. As a tenured professor, I also taught online and traditional classes in ENC 1101, ENC 1102, Introduction to Literature, Developmental Reading and Writing courses, as well as EAP and seminars in Reading and Study Skills.

General Teaching Philosophy:
My teaching philosophy is that everyone is capable of learning – no matter the person’s age, nationality, etc. I don’t care if you are pink with purple polka dots or have hair that looks like that! I do care about your investment in our course.

Outside Interests:
My family and friends, traveling, reading, writing, water aerobics, scrap booking, singing, gardening, and fundraising for worthy causes.


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Office Hours: Please view the syllabus as they change from one semester to the next.