Fred Mawudzro


Teaching has always been my passion and Life. I started my College education in Valencia College (1995-1997) where I obtained an AA degree.

The rest of My education was at the University of Miami where I obtained my Bachelor's degree (Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1999) and Master's degree (Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2001). Afterwards, I spent 3 years in the Doctoral Program (2001-2004). Although my PHD degree was not completed, it has enabled me to acquire hands-on knowledge and working experience on design, simulation, board prototyping and testing of Microwave and RF circuits.

I also have four years of teaching experience as a teaching/Graduate assistant in the University of Miami (1999-2003) while going through my Post-Graduate studies in Electrical engineering. I have spent the past Thirteen years (2004-2017) in the Sub-Saharan African country of Cameroon as a volunteer, teaching, managing and giving hands on support to an educational program for the Local Africans.

My area of concentration includes: Analog IC Design, RF, Microwave and Control Systems. I have Industry experience in the field of Analog IC design working for companies such as Intersil Corporation and Cirrus Logic.


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Thursday 4PM- 5 PM.

Tuesday 3-5PM (Virtual).

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