Jere Groover

French Instructor

Bonjour! Welcome to the French-speaking world.
A native of Florida, I had the opportunity to experience a French-speaking culture for the first time when I studied in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, on Stetson University’s Year Abroad Program. I made life-long friendships, learned to think differently, and began to develop a global perspective of life. After teaching all levels of French language and literature, from high school to college, I am still enthusiastic about sharing this beautiful language and various cultures with students. French will enable you to communicate with people on five continents, over 200 million speakers of French. Just think about all the opportunities in international business and those wonderful vacations in France, Canada, the Caribbean, Africa, Switzerland, Belgium and elsewhere!
I hold the following degrees: B.A., Stetson University; Certificat d’études françaises, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland; M.A., University of Florida.
I look forward to meeting you.
Jere T. Groover


East Campus


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