Dr Jose Moreno Cortes

Adjunct Professor Anthropology

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, in a beautiful town in the West coast, Aguadilla. I practiced law in Puerto Rico for a few years before deciding to enter in the amazing world of anthropology and archaeology. I moved to Tampa to pursue my studies in anthropology, getting my PhD in 2015. My specialization is Mesoamerican archaeology, but I would like to learn more about Eastern US archaeology.

My research interests beyond the practice of traditional archaeology, include the relationship of this discipline with heritage, identity, and folklore. I think that is very important to understand the perspectives and expectations of the modern communities that live near archaeological sites. This includes the interpretations and worldviews that the inhabitants of those modern communities have about the past. To achieve this, my approach to research is to integrate archaeology and cultural anthropology in my investigations, taking advantage of the holistic nature of anthropology.

Besides anthropology and work, I love to travel, learn foreign languages, and read a lot.

Courses I teach:

ANT 2000 Introductory Anthropology


East Campus