Julia Nudel


Currently, I teach mathematics ranging from College Algebra to Pre-Calculus and Business Calculus at West Campus, Valencia. I teach face-to-face and online classes. In my classes, I use Canvas (notes, updates, and other resources) and MyMathLab (homework, gradebook, e-textbook). Feel free to check out Course Materials for some sample notes (currently only for Business Calculus and PreCalculus). Notes for other classes and some videos are to come...

In my classes, I try to focus on covering many examples but also applications (some examples may include mortgage, forensics, etc. Some group or individual in-class assignments are assigned. In my online classes, there is a variety of activities (videos and notes, discussions, and even mini-group assignments covering applications). I also try to make online classes more personable by sending weekly emails, answering discussion questions, etc.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading (both fiction and non-fiction), new tech, and traveling. My new hobby is video and I'm currently learning more about editing.


West Campus


Fall 2017:

MW 1 - 3:30 PM in 5-250

TR 7 - 9 PM, Fri 11 - 12 PM (email in Blackboard)