Prof. Jacquelyn Zuromski (JZ)

Prof. of English, Adviser for the Phoenix

Jacquelyn Zuromski (JZ)

JZ began college as a non-traditional (older!) student right here at Valencia. Her first semester included a pre-algebra class in a trailer on the brand new Osceola Campus and a Comp I "tele-course" (You think online is hard? Try watching a VHS tape of two boring people in chairs chatting about the topic you are supposed to learn).

She finally completed her AA after four years (with three kids at home, I know some of you feel me) and went on to UCF. After earning a BS in Language Arts Education and an MA in English, she came right back to Valencia College to teach students some things she's learned along the way. Teaching brings her joy, and she loves working with students.

JZ also likes to write essays and fiction (Yes! For FUN!) in her writers' group, and she loves to practice yoga several times a week. She adores her rescue Labrador, Hannah, and her hubby of 37 years. Her three daughters reside in other states living their best lives, and JZ is grateful to FaceTime to keep in touch.

Her classes are good places for students to refresh their skills and push some boundaries with their reading and writing, which is something she also does as the Phoenix magazine adviser (with Prof. Curtiss, Graphic Design). She reminds students that they get out of a class exactly what they put into it. :)


West Campus
3-143 (West Campus)
407-582-1074 (email me!)


Summer 2024 Office Hours

Email me at OR through Canvas messaging, or come by and see me in 3-143 during the following times on West Campus:

M/W 10:00am-11:00am

T/R 9:15am-9:45am and 11:30am-1:30pm

F Email or book a Zoom

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Note: If you need to meet with me (live or Zoom) outside these hours, please e-mail me. :)