Dr. Kamal Kamal

Professor of Anatomy & Physiology

Dear Students
I welcome you to Valencia College- West, and wish you a very successful term.

Top Ten Tips for Success

1. Read and Read... and Read. Reading is the Miracle of learning/changing. Enjoy your educational reading pattern. Typically, a college student should finish reading 4 books in 4 months. How about asking you to read ½ of a book in a semester?

2. Be Rich and don't be Poor (in your learning habits) and therefore unable to Pay attention to your instructor. Don't expect your instructor to cover everything in the book.

3. Bring your Book to class and lab so that you can identify/highlight Topics/concepts covered within the class meeting.

4. Work hard from the first day so that your body gets adjusted, the end becomes a breeze and the Final Exam becomes a piece of cake.

5. Learn and Converse in the lab. Keep the lab time for fun learning.

6. Visit your instructor at his/her office to see the other side of his/her life and ask questions about unclarified concepts.

7. Be Patient and Keep focus on your goal (success). Use your creative imagination to succeed. We differ in our learning styles but each one can be successful.

8. Attempt to convey your recent knowledge to other classmates, co-workers, friends or family members. I Love to see students become teachers because they can better relay their difficulties in their learning to their students.

9. Aim at a career and work toward the highest certificate/degree/diploma in that field to help you achieve an important position in life. Don't be an uneducated worker.

10. Whatever you do, RESPECT your teacher and VALUE their work.

Example Syllabi

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