Kelly Perez (she/her)

Adjunct Professor of Humanities

ALLY to all who need my ear to listen.
I'm here for you. <3


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Contact Information:

Kelly Perez
B.S. Philosophy
M.A. Humanities: Philosophy: Epistemology


Side Note: Just for your knowledge:
In my courses, you might encounter information that might be offensive, triggering, problematic, or confusing; and that's ok.

We will grow and mature through dialogue by securitizing the topic in a friendly manner.
There is no - one way - to teach this material.

If an overabundance of reading is bogging you down, approach me. If you are under-stimulated --, call me. If you feel you are teaching yourself, let's talk.

But understand this, no instructor is your superior. The professor acts as your subject matter expert on the topics you are reading. You are not beneath the professor, nor are your questions irreverent. Your learning style is not a burden but something you and the instructor will work on together. Reach out to me.


West Campus
upon request
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Virtual Options:
Monday - Saturday 7am to 7pm via Email/WhatsApp