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Adjunct Professor of Humanities

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Kelly Perez
B.S. Philosophy
M.A. Humanities: Philosophy: Epistemology

Understanding the Humanities is the key to unlocking the shackles that smother your curiosity, critical thinking, wonderment, and your true sense of self. I traveled Europe with one goal in mind, take the words of ancient, medieval, and modern philosophers and seek out the environment that shaped their minds, and discover if their words not only live on but, perhaps, linger in the air, ready for new generations to take hold!

Teaching Philosophy:
As a student, one thing I hated was teaching myself or an instructor that tossed me a bunch of reading, only to tell me I read it wrong. That experience motivated me to designed a curriculum that adapts to fit the various needs of my students via Student-Led Learning and High-Impact Experience (personal to each student) while at the same time injecting my knowledge and expertise on the topic. I don't want to facilitate the information; I want the student to experience the information and analyze the ideas presented to them. In addition, I strive for a well-organized class and always provide a clear path of communication with my students. I pride myself on bringing high energy and passion to the learning environment not seen in many classes.

Most importantly, I offer a two-layer approach to learning. First, we browse, then go in for the kill - via critical rereading and hands-on activities. I expose students to the complex material by bringing it down a notch. Then, I turn them loose for free reading. After this, we come together to peel the material apart piece by piece to gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues. Finally, the students are encouraged to relate the material to their own lives, which will undoubtedly enrich their experience with the topic.

My academic work:
After completing my Masters Thesis, 'On Subconscious Truths As Expressed by William James', I now focus my research on two areas, (1) the causal relationships that form our beliefs and identity, and (2) Applied Critical Thinking skills in the areas of cultural awareness, ....(and I have a secret guilty pleasure for Applied Ethical Theory).


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