Lynn Howard

Professor of Mathematics


I grew up in Florida and was graduated from Mainland Sr. High School in Daytona Beach. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Stetson University and a Master of Science degree in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Florida. . Additionally I have taken graduate classes in Education at Rollins College and UCF.


Here in the Orlando area, I taught 7 years in Mathematics for Orange County Public Schools at Colonial High School and 15 years for Valencia College. In graduate school I taught software applications courses at the University of Florida. Courses I teach at Valencia include:

MAT 1033 (Intermediate Algebra)

STA 2023 (Statistical Methods)

MAC 1114 (Trigonometry)

MAC 1105 (College Algebra)

MAC 1140 (PreCalculus Algebra)

MAC2233 (Calculus for Business and Social Sciences)


Prior to teaching, I worked 7 years for Nortel Networks writing telecom software for the MCI long distance switches and doing IT support for UNIX based version control software. I also worked just under 1 year for Hewlett Packard as a software tester. Additionally, I did two co-op tours with IBM one at their Federal Sector Division in Manasses, VA working on a GPS simulator (yes - back when it was new technology in the age of the dinosaur! - Ha! Ha!), and one in their TCP/IP for DOS department in Research Triangle Park, NC.


I enjoy snow skiing, hiking, camping, bicycling, playing violin, bass drum, backgammon, Sign Language, Spanish and spending time with my wonderful dogs and my fantastic eleven-year-old niece.



ZOOM (ID: In Canvas & Sent to All Students)
407-582-5629 (Voicemail)


Summer 2022 (In Zoom)

Monday ...............02:00pm to 03:30pm

Tues & Wed .........10:00am to 11:00am

Tues & Wed .........10:00pm to 11:00pm

Summer 2022 (Email Contact hours)

Thursday.............09:00am to 11:00am

Friday ...................09:00am to 11:00am

**Mixed Mode Classes may also see me in room 9-130 Monday from 11:45am to 12:00pm and 01:45pm to 2:00pm, after class.

** Send Email if you need the Zoom ID and Password for this semester.

Teaching Philosophy:
All people study different paths. Each path is filled with a variety of learning experiences and choices of new paths along the way. Others cross our path from time to time learning with us, learning from us, teaching us. As we travel, all paths converge and we join together with others forming a great history of world civilization. Mathematics is inside all paths; it is the language of science, the logic of law, the symmetry in poetic verse; it is the teacher of analysis and exercise of the mind.

Just as we study various paths, we can learn the same concept many ways. I find that students (individually and collectively) employ a variety of learning styles to fully understand a concept. With this in mind, I work to deliver course content in a clear and understandable way using a combination of methods. In addition, I believe participatory discussion during class helps students follow instruction and synthesize material, thus creating a deeper learning experience. As such, lecture combined with embedded discussion, utilizing presentation slides, is at the core of my teaching style. Classroom participation is encouraged fostering critical thinking and active learning.

I believe in helping all my students reach their fullest potential - a potential they define for themselves. I hope to impart knowledge, information and philosophies to my students that will allow them to reach their individual dreams and goals and to be happy according to their own definition.

NEW FACULTY TEACHING STA 2023 Hello! I am your CourseChair for STA 2023 here at Valencia West Campus. Getting Started Information including a list of suggested assignments, timeline, starter syllabus is available in Canvas: "West Campus Course Starter Kit - Upper Level Math" If you do not yet have access to this information please contact me at: If you'd like to talk with me on the phone please send me a phone number where I can call you back. I can answer any of your questions regarding the STA 2023 course and send you some information to get you started. Welcome to teaching STA 2023 in the West Campus Math department.