Dr. Dr. Les Simmonds


Real Estate and Business Professor with over thirty years experience practicing Real Estate. President & CEO of L.G.SIMMONDS REAL ESTATE CORP.
Past President of the Orlando Regional Realtor Association.
Les Simmonds, Ph.D.
Teaching is a passion of mine that I take very seriously. In every class that I teach, the opportunity to give back to the students and learn from them excites me.
I read a book by Les Giblin titled “Skill with People “ in which it is emphasized that people are more interested in themselves than they are interested in you. This reminds me constantly that when we look out for the interest of others it can return great dividends.
Along my education journey I earned a Ph.D. in Organization and Management with specialization in Human Resource Management from Capella University. MBA from Rollins College; BSMET from Rochester Institute of Technology; AAS from NYC Community College.


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