Dr. Marc Gentzler

Professor of Psychology

I am originally from the Southern California area. Initially I was majoring in Organizational Psychology in graduate school, but made the switch to Human Factors Psychology.

I started at Valencia in Fall 2013 as a part-time faculty member and became a full-time professor in Fall 2015 on the West campus.

Research interests: Driving distraction, aging and driving, aviation human factors, perceptual and cognitive issues in car accidents.

Sample references:
-Rupp, M. A., Gentzler, M. D., & Smither, J. A. (2016). Driving under the influence of distraction: Examining disassociations between risk perception and engagement in distracted driving. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 97, 220-230.
-Gentzler, M., & Stader, S. (2010). Posture stress on firefighters and EMTs associated with repetitive reaching, bending, lifting, and pulling tasks. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, 37(3), 227-239.
-Commarford, P. M., Lewis, J. R., Smither, J. A., & Gentzler, M. D. (2008). A comparison of broad versus deep auditory menu structures. Human Factors, 50, 77-89.

Published dissertation:
-Gentzler, M. D. (2014). Driving performance adaptation through practice with and without distracters in a simulated environment. University of Central Florida.

Classes taught at Valencia:
General Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Sensation and Perception

Ph.D. Human Factors Psychology University of
Central Florida
M.A. Psychology Claremont Graduate University
B.A. Psychology University of Kentucky


West Campus