Dr. Niraj Wagh

Professor of Mathematics
Dev. Mathematics Discipline Coordinator

Dr. Niraj Wagh is a tenured professor of mathematics and serves as the developmental mathematics discipline coordinator at Valencia College’s Lake Nona Campus. He earned his doctorate degree in higher education administration from the University of Florida and wrote his dissertation on queer students' of color sense of inclusion in community colleges. He holds a master’s degree in mathematics at The Ohio State University and wrote his master’s thesis on using mathematical models to analyze HIV and STI transmission rates in high-risk populations. He earned his Digital Professor Certification in 2017 and has developed and taught courses in face-to-face, mixed-mode, and online formats. He believes that the classroom environment should be learning-centered and utilizes many innovative and creative teaching methods with his students. He believes that every student, regardless of his, her, or their academic background, can achieve success in mathematics.


Lake Nona Campus


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