Dr Pamela J Christian

Coastal Oceanographer and Modeler
Adjunct Faculty Valencia College East

Dr. Christian's educational background includes degrees in biology, chemistry, science education, and a doctorate in oceanography (from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL) with a focus on modeling of coastal processes and impacts of engineering structures. Her professional experience spans the fields of business, education, and scientific research and analysis.

Dr. Christian has spent over two decades providing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) experiences to a variety of audiences in such roles as science educator, curriculum and assessment developer, tutor and mentor. She is committed to increasing community awareness of nearshore processes to ensure quality stewardship of our coastlines. She combines her passions for field work, data collection and analysis using a variety of instruments and technologies, and applying unique solutions to local coastal concerns.

Virtual Office Hours w/ Dr. Christian:
By self-scheduled appointment via the BOOKINGS link (Refer to the "Meet Your Professor" page in the course OM, Orientation Module)


East Campus
321-328-0812 (text/VM)
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As needed, set these through email and Canvas course Bookings link