Prof. Rose Thome Casterline

Professor & Discipline Coordinator
Fine Art/ Studio Art
West Campus / Downtown Campus

Casterline is an artist / educator. Her extensive experience as a working and exhibiting visual artist informs her teaching. In the classroom, Casterline facilitates student experimentation with traditional fine art training, fostering foundational and creative thinking skills, through the lens of contemporary and social art issues. This approach builds student confidence with their evolving artistic “styles”. She has the belief that anyone can draw, paint and design - it’s teachable.

Casterline’s artwork commentates on the notion of “leisure” and blurred boundaries between work and play. Her figurative paintings depict the funny, absurd, yet familiar characters – allowing the audience to discover unique narratives. Her work is the product of observation – of her surroundings: the classroom and workplace, family, and social constructs – all of these interactions inform her work.

She earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Kent State University (Art Education and Studio Art) and a Masters of Fine Art degree from Savannah College of Art and Design (Painting). She has been exhibiting her drawings, prints and paintings regionally and nationally over the past twenty years.

Rose has been teaching at Valencia since 2001. She has taught:

Drawing I (ART 1300C)
Drawing II (ART 1301C)
Design I (ART 1201C)
Design II (ART 1203C)
Life Drawing (ART 2330C)
Painting I (ART 2500C)
Painting II (ART 2501C)
Selected Topics in Art (ART 2930C)


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7:30a-8:30a email
11:15a-1:15p West Campus, Building 5 Room 217

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2:15p-3:15p Downtown Campus, CMB Room 307

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9:30a-11:00a Zoom

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