Ms. Rollie Lewis

Welcome to Valencia EAP!

My favorite thing about teaching is meeting all of you and helping you improve so you can feel confident using English and achieve your biggest dreams.


See what my online classes are like (copy and paste these links into a new window):

Get to Know Me:

Sample Lesson on Main Idea from my EAP 1520 and EAP 1586 courses:

Sample Reading Lesson from my EAP 1520 and EAP 1586 courses:

Sample National Geographic Video from my EAP 1586 course:

Sample lesson on -th pronunciation used in my EAP 1586 course:


Some student comments from my recent EAP 1586 online class, High Intermediate Reading and Speech:

"I loved this course, and Professor Lewis is great, I love the way she speaks and explain everything as many time as needed and always with a beautiful smile on her face. The video Classes were exceptional, and I also enjoyed the feedbacks videos that she usually send, it makes me feel as if she was in front to me. I will strongly recommend this course."

"Everyone should take this course, in order to have more confidence when we are going to speak in English."

"The professor is well prepared and cares about every student she has."

"She is an excellent teacher and very patient. At Zoom meeting, she sometimes pushes us to answer questions little bit more, to help us think about the text more deep... Professor Lewis did an excellent job."

In your online class with me, you will:

--receive weekly lessons from me via interactive videos (see samples below)

--read interesting articles from National Geographic to improve your reading skills by 2+ grade levels in just one semester

--learn to use 300+ new vocabulary words

--practice your English with your classmates and me through group calls on Zoom, watching and creating videos, and Canvas discussions.

--practice listening through videos from National Geographic and TedTV (in my EAP 1586 course)

--improve your pronunciation and presentation skills (in my EAP 1586 course)

I’m happy you’re here and I’m looking forward to meeting you! If you have questions, please email me.
I’m here to help. :)