Professor Skoloski

Professor Skoloski is an instructor for the Early Childhood/Education program. These classes are Technology for Educators ,Diversity for Educators , Introduction to the Teaching Profession, Introduction to Early Childhood, Art and Creativity, Child and Adolescent Development and Children in Schools Legal. She has taught these courses in a variety of formats including the evening, weekend, intensive, hybrid and online. For Fall and Spring, Professor Skoloski is teaching these classes on Saturday mornings. This is a new program offered where you can complete 4 required Education courses in one semester. Professor Skoloski has 25 years of teaching experience in public and private schools which allows her to share with her students the connection between the theoretical aspects of education and the practical aspects. She holds a BA in Elementary Education, with Specializations in Special Education and ESL as well as English grades 6-9 and a Masters in Educational Leadership in the states of Florida and West Virginia.