Dr. Travis Rodgers

Professor of Humanities

I was born in Coaldale, PA.

BA Philosophy (Kutztown University of PA)
-Undergrad Thesis: Aristotle's Syllogism
MA Philosophy (Texas Tech)
-MA Thesis: Aristotelian Account of Perception
MA Classics (Texas Tech)
-Focus: ancient philosophy, epic poetry, and Attic Greek
PhD Philosophy (FSU).
-Dissertation: "Accounting for Character."
--I sought to offer an empirically adequate (in the sense employed by John Doris's work critical of character) account of character, to spell out the conditions of accountability (in the sense of moral responsibility) for character, and to develop an Aristotelian account of moral education.

I'm the only person I know who is a moral particularist interested in virtue ethics who writes on applied issues from an empirical point of view.

I'm married, have two (adult) kids, and two cats. I spend a good deal of time reading, working out, writing transgressive fiction, podcasting, and playing RPGs.


West Campus
Building 5, Room 259


Fall 22
Mon/Wed 11:30-12:45 (Face-to-Face)
Tue/Thu 9-11 AM (virtual)
Thu 5-6 PM (virtual)
Fri 9-11:30 AM (virtual)

PhilPeople Link: https://philpeople.org/profiles/travis-joseph-rodgers