Xiling Yue

Adjunct Professer

Hello, my name is Xiling Yue. I teach chemistry in West and Lake Nona campus.

I got my Bachelor degree in pharmacy from Fudan University in China. Then I came to Orlando and graduated from UCF with a Ph.D degree in chemistry. I did scientific research for couple of years after that. Then I started to teach chemistry at Valencia as assistant professor. I teach CHM1020, 1025 and 1045C.

I like science because it helps you know more about this world and about yourself. And I hope I can help more people think this way.

Learning chemistry is an unique experience for each person, because everyone comes in with different background and expectation. As a teacher, my job is to guide everyone to follow the right path. While students need to work on their own and find out the best learning method and thinking pattern for themselves. And I believe this is the most important thing they learn from a science class.