Zachary Hyde

Department of English

I received both a Bachelor's degree in literature and a Master's degree in Literary, Cultural, and Textual Studies from the University of Central Florida. My current research interests focus on contemporary fiction, genre studies, and (post)critique.

I have conferenced on the popular-culture zombie and on comics studies, and I have published on metamodern subjectivity and on cyberpunk sf. For pedagogical purposes, I use strategies of (post)critique and genre studies, and concepts from comics, film, and literary studies.

"Literature is how we make ourselves intelligible to ourselves. And contemporary fiction matters because it is how we work out who we are now, today." -- Robert Eaglestone

"As for ideas, everyone has them. What counts is the poetic singularity of the analysis." -- Jean Baudrillard

"No orthodoxy of 'reading' is without its blind spots." -- Marjorie Garber

Currently Reading:
Forms -- Caroline Levin
Hooked -- Rita Felski
Akira -- Otomo Katsuhiro
The Impact of Akira -- Remi Lopez


East Campus


Fall 2021 Beginning 8/23:
Monday: 11am-12pm (Zoom) and 3pm-4pm (Email);
Tuesday: 830-930am (Email) and 1p-2pm (Zoom);
Wednesday: 10am-11am (Email) and 3pm-4pm (Zoom);
Thursday: 6pm-8pm (Email);
Friday: 11am-12pm (Zoom) and 3pm-4pm (Email)

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