Course Materials for Tarver

ACG 2021C Principles of Financial Accounting - Fall 2022
REQUIRED MATERIALS: For this course, you will need to purchase access to the McGraw-Hill CONNECT utility. This is an online utility where you can access both the full, interactive E-Text for the course AND your required assignments. The full name of the E-Text (included within CONNECT) is: Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts, by Edmonds, McNair, Milam and Olds, 11th edition. The West campus bookstore offers two options for this course: ONE SEMESTER OPTION: If you only have to take Principles of Financial Accounting (ACG 2021C) and are NOT planning on returning for Principles of Managerial Accounting (ACG 2071C) here at the Valencia West campus, choose this option in the bookstore. It will include one access code card that you can use to sign up and access the utility. ISBN: 9781265715922 TWO SEMESTER OPTION: If you are thinking or planning on coming back for Managerial Accounting (ACG 2071C) next semester here on the West campus, you can SAVE MONEY! Just opt for the Two Semester code bundle for this class in the bookstore. This package will include two access code cards that will give you access for both this course and Managerial Accounting FOR A DISCOUNTED COST!!!!! ISBN: 9781264454983 Here some important notes to keep in mind when choosing this option: You MUST take both this course Principles of Financial Accounting (ACG 2021C) and Managerial Accounting (ACG 2071C) in consecutive semesters. If you drop, fail, don’t complete the course or change your mind, the CONNECT access will may not extend beyond two consecutive semesters. The bookstore will not be offering refunds for such cases. You MUST take both courses here on the West campus (on ground, online or hybrid) to take advantage of this discount. This discounted bundle does NOT extend to other Valencia campuses. FREE TRIAL: As you are making your decision, you can sign up for a free trial version of the CONNECT utility which will last for a few weeks while you are getting up and running in the course. Just be sure to convert this free trial version at the end of the trial period or your work to date may be lost. Also, in order to effectively use the CONNECT online utility, you must have a reliable internet access connection. If you do not have a reliable connection, you should plan to use the computer labs on campus designed for student use. Printed Text Option: If you desire to also have a printed edition of the text, the bookstore will not be selling any printed editions of the text. Instead, you can order this directly from McGraw-Hill after you have access to the CONNECT utility. There will be a link within the CONNECT utility on your main course page to order a printed edition if you so desire. Other necessary materials include pencils, notebook and calculator.