Course Materials for Boone

Everglades Ecology
The Everglades Handbook, Third edition Author: Thomas E. Lodge Publisher: CRC Press 2010 ISBN Number 978-1-4398-0262 (Warning the earlier additions are very different.) You must have a high speed computer. This class is entirely on the internet. You will view pictures and video. You will also be listening to podcasts and music.

Neotropical Biology formerly taught as Rainforest Ecology
Neotropical Biology is taught partially via lecture, demonstrations and visual materials such as powerpoint presentations. There is no book to purchase. The class is held partially on campus and in the field. The two offsite locations are Kelly Park(Rock Springs) and Animal Kingdom. You will have to provide you own entrance and parking fees to both parks. I find this is better than purchasing a book. You also will have to provide your own transportation. Because of the nature of this class attendance is mandatory.