Course Materials for Ms. DelVillaggio

Applied Voice - Singer's Resource Material
Please utilize the wealth of information included here in the form of websites and other resources specifically for singers.

  • Repertoire Preparation Worksheet  (doc)
         30K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • How to Learn Music  (doc)
         31K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • Internet Resources - websites  (doc)
         44K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • Vocal Health Document  (doc)
         616K: about 1 minute @ 56k

  • Performance Lab
    Artistes - please utilize all of the course materials you will find in this section.

  • Vocal Health Document  (doc)
         616K: about 1 minute @ 56k

         44K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • Spring 2012 Syllabus  (doc)
         69K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • For ALL Music Students
    This is an absolutely FAB article on how to listen to a classical concert, how to prepare for it, where to find them, what to do when you're there, traditions, what to listen for.....etc, etc. You will get SO much more out of any of your live concert listening experiences once you have read this article. Please be sure to do so. ENJOY!!! Here is the link:

  • Your World of Classical Music  (External Link)

  • Contemporary Ensemble
    Valencia's SHOW CHOIR

  • FALL 2011 SYLLABUS  (doc)
         43K: < 1 minute @ 56k

  • Opera-Theatre Workshop Spring 2012
  • Spring 2012 Syllabus  (doc)
         45K: < 1 minute @ 56k