Course Materials for Prof. Sanders

MAT0018c Developmental Math I
“Prealgebra” by Elayn Martin-Gay. 3rd custom ed. for Valencia College. ISBN-13: 9781256786573.

Textbook Homewok Policy:

>DUE MONDAY, NO Exceptions.
*Pencil Only *Ledigible *Organized *Stapled *No Frayed Edges

*** Because this is new edition of a custom Valencia textbook you will not find it available on third-party websites. It is only available at the bookstore. Because this is an East Campus class, you will find this book avilable at the East Campus bookstore.

"Student Portfolio for MAT0018C"
A binder with a minimum of 5 tabs is sufficient or one can be purchased from the bookstore.

Free online HW software will be used in this course. (We WILL NOT be using MyMathLab)

Online Homework Policy:

>DUE SUNDAY Night BY MIDNIGHT, No Exceptions
*Show Work (Will not be collected but will checked in portfolio) *Complete all sections covered in class during the week

Updated 6/16/2014

  • Steps to Solve Math Word Problems  (pdf)
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  • Dev Math Combined

  • DEV Combined - Friday Class  (docx)
         310K: < 1 minute @ 56k

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