Course Materials for Prof. Bartholomew

Assessment and application of nutrition within health care, focusing on prevention, and medical nutrition therapy in disease management. Prerequisite: HUN1201 or department permission based on prior completion with a C or better grade in a college nutrition course.

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  • HUN2202
    A study of general and clinical nutrition. Focuses on nutrients and their digestion, absorption, metabolism, transport and interactions. Students will learn how to select a meal plan for optimum health, nutrition throughout the life cycle and current issues and controversies in nutrition. The diet therapy feature is included for students entering the health-care fields. Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of all mandated courses in reading, mathematics, English, and EAP; minimum grade of C in Honors high school biology or Advanced Placement biology and Honors high school chemistry or Advanced Placement chemistry, or BSC 1010C, or BSC 2093C, or BSC 2094C with a minimum grade of C.

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  • HUN1201
    Scientific principles of nutrition, including the role of specific nutrients, digestion of each, absorption, and metabolism. Food sources and individual requirements throughout the lifecycle to maintain health will be addressed.

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