Course Materials for Prof. Cowden. M.A. Ed

My writings and journeys
  • Putting a Price on Professors  (docx)
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  • Taxis, Tango, and Tradition in Argentina Photos  (pptx)
         2.7MB: > 8 minutes @ 56k

  • Taxis and Tango in Fair Argentina_Story  (doc)
         2.2MB: > 6 minutes @ 56k

  • Professor Cowden's Patterns of Organization Project_Argentina  (doc)
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  • Professional Websites/Research
    This is my spot to post professional websites that help my practice and are innovative for higher education.

  • Think Well  (External Link)

  • Advise for New Want-to-Be Authors  (External Link)

  • Community Colleges Down?  (External Link)

  • Scoop It!  (External Link)

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