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  • Faculty FrontDoor Easy Guide  (pdf)
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  • ENC 1101
  • The Personal Essay and Narration  (External Link)

  • Landscaping: Cutting Words, Weeding Errors, and Planting Ideas for Maximum Effect  (External Link)

  • Using Google Drive  (External Link)

  • The Definition-by-Example Essay  (External Link)

  • Effective Slide Presentations, Part 1  (External Link)

  • Effective Slide Presentations, Part 2  (External Link)

  • The Comment Sandwich  (External Link)

  • The Comparison/Contrast Essay  (External Link)

  • Comparison and Contrast on the Job  (External Link)

  • From School Essay to Business Letter  (External Link)

  • The Resume: Using Your Outline Skills to Get Hired  (External Link)

  • Apostrophes: Contractions, Possession, and Some Plurals  (External Link)

  • Comma Splices and Fused Sentences  (External Link)

  • Commas Until You Cry  (External Link)

  • Pronoun Agreement Until You Pass Out  (External Link)

  • Pronoun Reference  (External Link)

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    ENC 1102
  • Prelude to the Hero Cycle  (External Link)

  • The Hero Cycle: Departure  (External Link)

  • The Hero Cycle: Initiation  (External Link)

  • The Hero Cycle: Return  (External Link)

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