Mr. Stephen Combs

Adjunct Professor - Associate Faculty

This fall (2019) I will lead three sections of Comp II (ENC 1102), Writing About Literature, on Mondays and Wednesday.

My goal is to help you improve your writing for all academic fields and for your eventual profession, business, or craft. Whether you are preparing for a career in engineering, the sciences, education, medicine, business, law enforcement, rock stardom, or something else, reading and writing about good literature will help you understand something about the human condition -- how people in different times and places coped with life's many challenges, their successes and failures, their joys and their tragedies.

My second goal for you is to develop your writing as a way of knowing, understanding that we learn by writing. As we write about a subject, we begin to take ownership of its ideas and gradually develop a level of expertise in that subject. Although for most of us writing never gets completely easy, our mastery of grammar and sentence structure helps us devote more of our energy to crafting readable writing and making strong, effective arguments. I will work with you on those elements of writing as needed, individually or as a group.

I have worked as a writer for much of my adult life, beginning as a newspaper reporter and later as a daily newspaper editor. I am the author, most recently, of a short monograph called Talking With Your High School Student About Writing in College.


By appointment in the campus library, second floor near the newspaper racks.


10 a.m. - 11:15 Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment, second floor of the library. By telephone, any reasonable hour Monday through Saturday noon, 407-629-0762. Email anytime to

The Purpose of Freshman Comp I:

I offer an interactive course in writing fundamentals. We begin with basic sentence structure, the three-word sentence. Sounds elementary, and it is. But you may have missed some of this in high school, and this lack of understanding of basic English grammar and rhetoric is what trips up a lot of incoming freshman. After drilling in this area, we advance to the study of good paragraph construction, and finally to a documented research paper. This course does not take on controversial political issues. Our mission is not to save the world but to develop the writing craft.