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Mr. Stephen Combs

Adjunct Professor - Associate Faculty

I have taught freshman composition and journalism classes at Valencia since 2008 and currently teach Freshman Comp I at East campus. I am a former member of the East Campus Faculty Senate. I have been a college instructor since 2004. Previously I was a newspaper reporter and editor in Indiana and Florida.

I have an undergraduate degree in economics, a master of arts in journalism from Ball State University, and a Master of Liberal Studies, Humanities concentration, from Fort Hays State University. My book Glen Rogers - Road Dog Killer is still in print, and in its third Kindle Edition. Road Dog is the subject of a documentary recently aired on the NBC-owned Investigations Discovery channel. As a journalist I write principally about education and national tax policy.

Phone: 407-629-0762

Email: scombs7@valenciacollege.edu

Office: Other

Location: By appointment in the campus library.

At any reasonable hour by telephone, Monday through Saturday noon, 407-629-0762. Email anytime to scombs7@valenciacollege.edu.

The Purpose of Freshman Comp I: I offer an interactive course in writing fundamentals. We begin with basic sentence structure, the three-word sentence. Sounds elementary, and it is. But you may have missed some of this in high school, and this lack of understanding of basic English grammar and rhetoric is what trips up a lot of incoming freshman. After drilling in this area, we advance to the study of good paragraph construction, and finally to a documented research paper. This course does not take on controversial political issues. We don't do community service or argue about abortion and same-sex marriage. Our mission is not to save the world but to develop the writing craft.