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Addendum to Syllabus: Cell Phone Policy

Addendum to Sanders Syllabus on 3/1/2013

Policy Concerning Cellphones* in the classroom:

Once a cellphone has been spotted one warning will be given. This warning may be directed at the offending student but still serves as a general warning to all students in the classroom. No second warning will be given. Any student found to be in offence of the cellphone policy after the first warning will require the student to place his/her cellphone device at the front of the classroom until the remainder of the class. Should the student decide not to part with his/her cellphone the student will then accept the option to leave class and receive zero credit in attendance for the day. The instructor of the class will not be held liable for electronic devices that are forgotten or misplaced. Any items left in the classroom will be turned over to security.

*The term “cellphone” shall be used to reference cellular phones as well as other electronic devices not permitted for use during class time including but not limited to cellphones, Ipods, Ipod Touch, mp3 players, palm pilots, PDAs, etc.

Last updated 8/23/2013