Dr. Antonio Flowers

Professor of Criminal Justice

Professor Antonio Flowers is a graduate of Capella University with his Doctoral Degree in Public Safety in Criminal Justice, his Master’s Degree from Florida A&M University in Social Science in Criminal Justice, and his Bachelor Degrees in both Criminal Justice and Sociology.

One of Dr. Flowers passions is helping students envision their goals and guiding them to reach their full educational and professional potential. This passion can be on display in both the mentoring and advising aspect.

In the classroom, Dr. Flowers is a strong advocate for creating an atmosphere where students are able to apply the daily lectures to real life. His method of interconnecting lectures with real life experiences give students the opportunity to benefit from impactful learning. Bringing in guest speakers is another way students will be able to interconnect lectures to real experiences, giving them the opportunity to listen and speak to professionals in the field.


West Campus
(850) 519-1303


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