Dr. Andrew Smith

Visiting Professor

Hello! My name is Dr. Andrew Smith, and I've been teaching in Central Florida for over 15 years now. Between UCF and Valencia, I've been working with students to help them better gain control over and understand writing, reading, literature, and critical thinking.

I earned my PhD. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, with a successful defense in 2020. My Dissertation, "What Do Manga Depict?" is a critical look at Japanese comics and culture.

My research areas include comics, video games, digital media, 20th and 21st century media, and non-traditional literary formats. I love to help students explore reading and writing in ways that connect with their lives, helping them understand that these things aren't just what happen "in classrooms," but happen constantly, all around them.

I look forward to working with students and faculty more, and helping people reach their goals.

My hobbies include gaming (both video and board game), miniature painting and coffee brewing.


West Campus
BLD 3 125


W 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Also available via Zoom; please email me to set up meetings.