Brian Campbell

English Professor

At its most basic level, I view my role while interacting with each student as that of a guide on their road of lifelong learning. As student and instructor we have the opportunity to profoundly affect each other while we travel down this road together. My primary responsibility is to bring my knowledge, experiences, and best efforts to the time and place where my students and I share common goals – to gain understanding and insight, reflect on the role of writing, communication, and literature, and its effect on our society and culture. I also believe I have a responsibility to students stemming from my profession as an educator; to foster in students a thirst for exploring and learning about the world that lies beyond the classroom and any single discipline.
While I believe that I guide my students, I also believe that they guide me through the observations and perspectives they bring to class. These new perspectives have the potential to alter my beliefs about what makes a good teacher and good teaching. The terms “balance” and “evolution” best describe my philosophy of teaching.

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MWF 8:00 - 9:00 am
TRS 10:00-11:00 am

Fall 2022 courses: ENC1101-11205 ENC1101-11792 ENC1101-12258 ENC1101-12314 ENC1101-12319 ENC1101-12959