Ms. Cassandra (Cass) O'Little


* Teaching History since 2002 at Georgia Perimeter College, since 2008 at Valencia College, and online for Valencia College since 2011
* Doing instructional design and technical writing since 1985, including in my own company
* Teaching and using a proprietary NLP-based communication and documentation program for 16+ years, including formatting using MS Word
* Tutoring APUSH, APWH, SAT verbal, and college admission essays for 19 years
* Teaching Scottish Country Dancing since 1988
* Teaching swimming and scuba diving

Other skills:
Microsoft Word
Technical Writing
Instructional Design
Information Mapping
Mind Mapping


West Campus
Dept. of Social Science, Bldg. 11, Mail Stop 4-32


Text, call, or email: 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.