Craig Rapp, PhD, CEC, CHE

Professor of Hospitality and Restaurant Management

Over twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry with various high performing companies; ten plus years in a managerial or supervisory role and three years at the corporate level.

Eighteen years of experience teaching at the community college level. Courses include: Introduction to Hospitality Management, Hospitality Human Resources, Hospitality Management& Leadership, Food & Beverage Management and Food & Beverage Cost Control.

Over fifteen years of experience working closely with food production, in culinary or kitchen operations; primarily in a trainer or managerial role.

The way I view my role as a Professor of Hospitality, is that of varied responsibilities. Not only am I here to serve as an instructor of content, I am here to share my real life experience to help illustrate how materials that are written can be translated into the real world, and that there is a certain level of knowledge/competency expected in the workplace. I try to share learning/studying strategies with my students. I also try to introduce moral, ethical principles to lessons to help students see that life is about doing the best they possibly can, not living solely by what is written. Students must develop their own minds; therefore, I employ critical thinking skills by instilling in the students that it is okay to question what they read, what others say, and even bring their own opinions to the table, allowing them to assimilate the knowledge in a way that is meaningful. I do this by bringing in current articles and leading class discussions to encourage participation.

My expectations for the students are:

• Come to class prepared, having read the text

• Come prepared to discuss the topics, answer questions, and share personal experiences

• Take notes, ask questions, and participate in discussions


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Monday 9:30am-2:00pm
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