Dr. Carlos Rossetti

Ph.D in Clinical Pathology of Small Animals, Bologna, Italy,
Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, Perugia, Italy
Licenciado en Veterinaria, Madrid, Spain
Medico Veterinario, Rosario, Argentina

Carlos Rossetti is a a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM). He earned his degrees and his Ph.D. in Italy. He study in the University of Perugia and got his DVM degree in 1991, and in the University of Bologna, Dr. Rossetti earned his Ph.D in 2002. Here in the United States Dr. Rossetti teach General Biology I, and Anatomy and Physiology I.

Biology is a subject that helps us learn about our health, life, genetics, and our environment. The basic fundaments of biology help you to keep yourself fit. This knowledge helps you to amplify your stamina when life demands more, on your paths to success.


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